Los Angeles, CA, September 30,2007
Bionic Puzzi presents the Ultimate Party Experience. The party goes down Tuesday October 2, 16, and 23 of the year 2007. The party is being held at the Palms Bar located at 8572 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA. For ten dollars at the door you can party like a rock star or network all night long under the psychedelic ambiance of the black lit bar/nightclub. These exclusive Hollywood events will be packed with beautiful women competing for the generous door prize. Ten of sexiest will be escorted in a limo to the exclusive after party held in a secret location with music icon Mark Batson. The most beautiful will be chosen by the audience to receive $300 dollars. Bionic Puzzi Presents is the place to be seen this party season. At least 200 wall to wall beauties and the bad boys who love them will be in attendance. DJ KGRs eclectic mix of music will be setting the party off right .This will be the networking event of the season, because Bionic Puzzi has a diverse population of followers including the wide range of celebrity entertainers, fashion icons, rock stars and Trendy Hollywood party goers.
Bionic Puzzi is a team of LA’s hottest new up and coming. The team includes an array of artists, musician, actors, fashion designers, promoters, and DJs among many other things. This exclusive team is made up of an ensemble of beautiful ladies and a few of the sexy gentlemen who love them. This positive group has set their goal of breathing the party back into Hollywood. They say “Down with the complicated club situations!” Bionic Puzzi Presents the kick off party for their new event season. Look out for more parties and concerts from the all female hosts of Bionic Puzzi. For more information ###

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