CluBBin' EveryNIghT Come join US!!!!!?!!!!!!

I am so friggin excited about all of the clubs we are promoting right now. They are all perfect locations and perfect clubs, that perfectly partylicious people are coming to. I think everyone should be excited about this i love partylicious people.

Thursdays ... Dragonfly for Jamaica Live...
this is that shit it's one of my favorite club nights in LA.Come blow in the wind with us!!!!

WHERE:DRAGONFLY santa monica blvd, hollywood,ca
free before 10:30 $15 after or something like that.
call us to get on Bionic guestlist 323 761 6451

Saturdays... Play, 6423 Yucca Street, Hollywood, CA 90028,
21 and over, 10pm-2am
Guys free ‘til 10:30pm and $10 after
Ladies free ‘til 11pm and $10 after
call us to get on Bionic guestlist 323 761 6451

The Sunday club night is for jamaica Gold!!!!
Forbidden City
1718 Vine S, Hollywood,CA
21 and up
hit me up 323 761 6451 for Bionic guestlist. Hint ladies are free if you know the right people you found them!!!!
STay tuned for new event updates!!!?!!

Okay so we are also hiring some new people for our squad the new people we have on our team i think we will have a party just for them and put them on the top on the myspace [].Sounds right so if it is unclear on the members of our current team i will make it easy who iz important right now.If you are unsure on if you are on our promotions team you are not!!!! if you are not getting any cash from us you are not on our team or not doing your job!!!If you are then you are then keep up the good work. This iz fun c u at tha party yall!!!!

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