Bionic Cougars

Okay they may not actually be cougars, but they are both in the right age range and I cannot think of one man any age who wouldn't jump their ladies bones! Hell i might given the right time and place.See, I believe the career longevity of beautiful woman generally lasts a lot longer than the average woman. I think it's something that has to do with DNA and the fact that the beautiful are worshiped. Thank God!!!?!?!?!

Damn Naomi has had a hell of a time she went from court to the hospital to commercials.


Discipline, this sexy siren's definitely got that virtue under control.I have never seen anyone pop in and out of her career limelight the way Janet does(it's really the abs that make her career, j/k i am just a little jealous).This new album of Janet Jackson's which was released February 26 of 2008 is pretty dope, it's definitely Janet evolved. It's got a real sexy dominatrix vibe about it. Of course the party songs pop. I can only imagine how crazy dance troupes are goin' to her party tracks!!!!?!?!?!?!

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