Get it right Get it tight

It's practicallly summer time and I know fo sho that I need to get my ish together with Stacey Dash runnin around looking like she does. Don't want to get talked about with my bathing suit on. So how you ask am I going to get sexy and right for Summer '08. I am going to go to the club, show everyone my newly perfected hip hop abs moves and swim. I don't understand all those bitches who hit up 24 hour fitness during club time and pretend to go workout.A workout does not require makeup and an expensive Baby Phat workout fit. You better save that $40 a month cover charge, pop in some Kanye West and quit wearin' clothes that don't fit your body shape anyways.

Of course MiMi knows how to get it right for a newly released album. Check out some of her workout tips... and check out...

...The Results

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