Politics is a son of a Bee Eye tee Cee Aich!!!!


It's sure has been one hell of a rainbow roller coaster these days we have officially put behind us (literally!! I am talking about days before today so take note.) Between working and celebrating our new American President-Elect(Go Barack Obama!!), this is the first time I have put down my glass to stop toasting and breathe...

In case the world has not noticed(which I know you have)passion and inspiration make one hell ova drug...

...but I must say my dear sweet home of California, I am damned ashamed and disappointed in your choice of voting for a few things. What the hell is this states problem (obviously the answer looks kinda like: Racist Religious Pitches)? We have got an ethnic President( matter of fact he's BLACK and WHITE, what an amazing compromise the states have come to the Black and the Whites makin babies who run countries MLKing is truly proud!), the Terminator is our Governor, little baby cows made into veal and pregnant pigs will be able o live a better a quality of life before we slaughter them for food ( not me though i don't do meat like that)...

...but Gays and Lesbians can't get the legal right to be wed!!! What's it gonna hurt definitely not property values, Cannabis Sales, and raising diverse children.I really can not rap my head arounf something like this still being an issue...Come on Cali we learned about equal right in Kindergarten.


this is crenshaw and slauson
On to better news and to end my statement in a more celebratory tone, I will have to say I have never seen a crackhead excited about ANYTHING, except for CRACK and on Tuesday[Nov 4,2008] driving through the hood off of Crenshaw, I saw crackheads young and old, Black People, People who don't do a damn thing all day except for stand in front of the liquor store. What were they doing? Running in the streets and honking at anyone else celebrating the victory of Barack Obama, the energy on that street was a glimpse of a diamond tucked away under a coat of filth.(That's a good thing!).
What a deep breath for hippie(gracias Kb) hearts around the world!!!!

Bionic Puzzi

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