O Cosmo *giggle*

Oops for the pause. I was taking the longest deep breath in the world. I'm training for something intense. ; )


Anywho I was just reading the New Cosmopolitan Mag (we decided it's crack for insecure women, and all women are a little insecure, a lot i am discovering ) and in a feature box women had quotes and tales about how cuddling after sex isn't their shit.Well... I agree. Most.. men I know are generously larger than me. Cuddling is cool for body heat but not in the summer or when you already feel smothered (i.e. sex). JK (love the smothering...)but i'm just saying its nice to be able to breathe after a workout right???? My opinion: If your still laying there for long enough to make a conversation and cuddle you should probably go again... right?


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