There were real words to that song ??????


It's really hard out here for a pimp trying to occupy her time with less stress these days so I thought to myself as I sat on my laptop what shall I do. What you ask did i decide on. I decided to be the best singer ever known to man kind and so I decided the best way to get into this game of music was Karaoke. "So why don't I like Karaoke", I thought to myself. Well, being a bit absentminded sometimes causes me to forget the lyrics. Well of course they normally have the lyrics for you on a screen, but I like to be prepared. So I then found . I actually just like to use it when I don't understand what an artist is saying because when the music stops at the club and you are singing the wrong words at the top of your lungs that seems pretty embarrassing.So yeah you gotta respect those song writers. They work hard too.

Bionic Puzzi

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