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It's been hella crazy in the streets!!!! Haha everyone knows thing are changing, evolving and growing and growing and growing and I hope people ae on the right path because it's a new generation emerging as cool.I mean of course we already know that in these streets.[I like the street diction, I might keep it around for awhile]. Been busy being busy which is always a treat for those who dig revolution and those whose revolutions we dig. In honor of evolving we here at Bionic Puzzi promise to be more current and try to stay caught up on stories and articles, but the thing is when you live the life you don't always have time between hang overs and next events to keep up with the virtual streets. Don't worry it doesn't sway our swagger. For up to the minute updates check our Twitter.

The News

Rick Ross is lame[but we knew that before 50 pointed it out] Here.

Check Out The Ti$a commercial here

tAz Arnold aka ti$a presents "ti$avi$ the mission statement" from Kenzo Digital on Vimeo.

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