Damn I love Animal Print...

Vegas was definitely Insane!!!! How do you walk into somewhere called Fantasy Tower and not have a good time. It was like a roller coaster man. We got in and started to pour drinks and get a bit comfy. At the blink of and Eye it was raining bitches & Booze. It was like the coolest music video ever. Too many alcoholic beverages and never enough joints later after navigating my way through randoms and regulars a few groupies and some sociopaths. I was spinning on a rotating bed. O so Playboy. My coaster car came to a slow down with me looking at the sunrise in the hot pool overlooking Vegas. Damn what night and the best part was the visions of dancing animal print and laughing. It's always cool to watch peoples simple dreams come true. Don't Forget: To all the Hotties with Brains ditch all the losers in your life we aren't all meant for greatness.Thanks KB


BIonic Puzzi

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