Mags go digital trend...right.


Whoa now magazines!!!! Turns Out Nylon Mag has just turned 10 and has decided to lauch their magazine digitally. Now I think that's awesome and how funny is it theyve done this right after another publication I used to buy in print went digital.[Missbehave Mag]. I dont know I guess I have to start learning how to make better digital mood boards. Anywho Happy Birthday Nylon Mag. O yeah and Happy belated Birthday to Manu I know it seems late but we'll have a beer to fix it. This turned out to be more random of a post than I had planned. So in that case you should check out my mom in her tap dance troup here since this is random : )O and when there are two rabbits and 1 tree what time will you arrive in Paris??? Think about that too.

Bionic Puzzi

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