Michael Jackson-RIP- updated

o Damn People!!!! What is the world coming to, it's all topsy turvy. The weather is weird and apparently Elizabeth Taylor outlived Michael Jackson? It's like who saw this coming. I think it might be like Elvis and TuPac where people are constantly having Micahel JAckson sightings. Sad for the youth who will not be able to see the original Moon Walker do his thing. All they will know are Usher and Chris Brown. I am currently in my home with shades drawn and my radio blasting Michael Jackson from past to present. The only explanation I have come up with for his sudden death? He was secretly madly in love with farrah fawcett they were secret soulmates. when he found out about her departure from earth he went into shock and had a heart attack.This theory is probably not true, but it would explain a lot. RIP MJ King of Pop, he's been an inspiration to so many and i am sure the michael jackson biting will continue through time always and forever(and Farrah Fawcett too) and now I am going to go listen to Man in the Mirror and mourn.

I have so many Micahel Jackson memories all the way back to my first memories. At 2 I was singing Billie Jean and watching a MJ biography and had it memorized along with anything Sesame Street. Michael JAckson was more than just a pop star. He was the pop industry with all it's up and downs and arounds all bound up in one creature. he was truly an artist we all love.

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i was gonna go to the concert:(

... and hes continues to top the charts see here

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