Today is Today that's about it.

Today i have a lot of research going on. I am researching Aids/HIV the effect it's carrying in the black community and also how long is it really going to take legalize marijuana and will it make or break the industry and can the revenue from hemp products, etc maybe save our bad economies? Lots of questions. Wish life was only so easy as walking around shopping with my little dog being hit on by rich men all day long haha. I really likes this pic of the goddess Stacey Dash shooting a film or something with one of those rapper turned actor types. *giggle*As a stylist I like her outfit in this scene, it's very real. Any who I have a lot of work to do. I just picked out a splinter from my finger that was starting to get infected and my body is a bit in shock from how deep it was. it was not a big piece of splinter or anything just enough to make my finger feel like it was going to fall off. Point is it's out now and I must allow my minute wound to heal so enjoy these pics of Stacey Dash I did. lol

Bionic Puzzi

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