My Life Even Better

Today has been a day of reflection for me and although I am only so old at the moment I have a ton of memories to reflect on. I have always been the type of person to reflect in the privacy of my own skull. Where what I have to say or feel can be judged by no one except for me and the Creator. Today I scoot out on a limb and decide to share some of my past experiences on my blog. Now my friends this is no tell all but a peek behind the scenes of some of the ups and downs I have gone through in an industry that can make or break a person's soul. It's always been funny for me since Hollywood to me is just like one big ridiculous world created not for entertainment to the masses but for the folks who work behind the scenes and grow up in this crazy cloud of a twisted reality...

A bit about myself i am currently in my very early twenties. I grew up between los angeles and Sacramento,ca... the earliest part of my childhood was spent in dancing, singing, and acting lessons alongside some of the personalities the media cyber stalks today... i have been on and in tv/film and hanging with greats in music, money, and art since i could speak my first aunt is a successful assistant director and my mom is a healer, these are the strong women who orchestrated my up bringing fortunately for me... i am not star struck because stars are in the sky and to this day i have never met one and when I do i will then be stunned... i am not easily impressed as i have been exposed to greatness and its so simple to achieve that once you are washed over with realization of what that means, exactly you definitely wont be as impressed with bullshit either... there are a number of people and concepts that have come along and take my breath away, but not often... i am an advocate for legalizing marijuana, AIDS and HIV awareness,legalizing Gay Marriage, curing with Natural Medicine, and saving Animals [ as my mom runs an animal rescue].

When i was little i used to go out of town to visit friends or family and people would say things to me like " So if you are from California then you know tons of celebrities, right?" I would always answer with a complicated explanation of how California is a big beautiful place and Hollywood is in Los Angeles and just because I lived there they shouldn't assume I knew famous people it's not even the best part . That did nothing of course because at the time and now I know tons of famous people which apparently is all that's important in my character after people find this out and that is just not right. For a long time I have been ashamed of who I know and what I have done and have had a hard time sharing because the real world and the hollyweird world are like oil and water. I learned this in 2nd grade at my really expensive la private school when I would share my what I did this weekend story with the class and have a story about being on different television sets and having dinner with the likes of Gladys Knight and Rickie Byars.Either my school mates would make fun of me and call me a liar even when i had a pictures and they knew it was true, which was no good because this is all i knew at the time, i was very sensitive i was like 8.I couldn't understand why people would stop being my friend and judge me and tease me and say I was a "Disney kid" which was a bad thing cause all the kids were always jealous of the kids on tv and i didn't want to be in any way associated with them but I was [ even though i was never on disney or famous]. It was then i started to despise Hollywood and it's way of life. Unfortunately even now I go through the same thing. I know now all the flakiness and ass kissing is provided to my existence by jealousy and envy.

So no more being scared of being judged ... I have a great brain and great spirit, I am not a liar and never have a reason to talk shit about someone behind their backs. So if you have a problem with any of the stories or pictures on my blog feel free to email me or comment anytime. I have made the decision to be the magnificent me that I am and SHARE IT!!! That after all is the reason this blog was conceived... so welcome and enjoy my new featurette: My Life. Even Better.

Bionic Puzzi

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