VH1 Divas 2009 my faves

i am sitting and watching the vh1 divas show and it was such a cheezy production but so far all of the women have done phenomenal as far as proving their diva worth through talent, the line up is great, toni braxton is so beautiful and i fuckin love adele!!! it's interesting how really genuine and diverse this lineup they have is. i mean besides the fact they r all super stars no break out inndie stars on that show... but i still would love to see the old diva lineups with like whitney houston and mariah carey and i guess alicia keyes and adele can come back, id throw in beyonce and her all girl band to maybe open the show and erykah badu or jaenelle monet for diva diversity and i like jennifer hudson that sounds like a good show o and id have a diva contest one time only for some random talent... maybe one day and ill get to dress them all that would be fun who knows for now im gonna go click adele on my ipod... i liked the leona and cindi performance very beautiful ... and i am a stevie wonder geek worshipper i think he and jennifer created a great energy together but his piano gave me butterflies haha.

These were my favorite performances of the show...the performing singers were very inspirational.i wonder what other people though...

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VH1 Divas | Divas Video

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