As we all know i love Barbie just as millions of other women who used to be little girls in this world. Barbie is a representation of the plenty of accomplishments that women have and will achieve. Including our right to be sexy and sensual if we would like without being treated as a doll as we are greater than a billion dollar business we women are. I have always been a fan of LeSportsac since i was little because they have always had genius compartments on their bags. It has been a dream of mine to collaborate with them. Now I am just a little more determined to get there. Because i am so tired of this sexy doll beating me to all the cool stuff to do... In honor of my mission to be as cool as Barbie one day I will buy a Barbie x LeSportsac bag. I think that's what the companies were hoping for.


Bionic Puzzi
@bionicpuzzi on twitter

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