the facts are these:

i went to Skeetox 2010 with my Lovely Lyly because we thought it would be fun. Apparently our decision to go had caused a slight stir in a few persons existence.

We had a blast it was like a super cool rock concert that pop artists kept hopping on stage and fucking up lol. except for lil jon and we loved the band. Then I discovered I knew the band and am passionately in love with the band's bass player( i just wanna hump him into another universe lol ). I do fall in love often and when it counts.I think Lyly fell in love too.Then we met the CandyMan and apparently he not only likes to knockboots but he's an excellent writer as well.Ran into Warren G and a few other West Coast hip hop classics as well.All the people who did not accompany Lyly an I should feel kinda sad cause it was awesome.

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