Bionic Barbie

Real Life lately has been not so bad. Lavish in a way i suppose. I mean life that has nothing to do with work or career. So real party life i guess it would be. I mean I do like to party. I love it and if people weren't such haters I feel like i could do it so much more often. Anyways I was wandering around the internet as I have the tendency to do and I am not sure exactly how I came across LINDSAY MARiE , but she's hot. She seems fun like a Barbie Doll friend.

Then I got to thinking if I had a group of four friends who all looked like barbie dolls and sang or danced i would just keep them locked up in my multi- level house and make them make me pop records and videos all day. whahahahahahaaha but as that is not real life I will settle for daydreaming about having friends who look like a girl group and wandering the internet to find talent I have yet to discover and I threw in the Mariah Carey Video because of the theme and I heart her.

... and Crystal Celebrity is a friend of mine on twitter whom I wish was my friend in Real Life.Perhaps I will send her an email.

good times with pretty ladies! Maybe I will be a Barbie for Halloween. Just might work.

Bionic Puzzi
@BionicPUzzi on Twitter


  1. hmm nvr knew mariah and nicki had hooked up for a song.. good shit.