Those lips... Okay , Let's get past those

Fuggin' Amazing is the only way i can describe an experience with Raheem deVaughn. It caresses your senses with a subtle flirtatiously sensual feel good, that has been overlooked for far too long( I am not talking about those lips, although I wish I was). So it is about time for his shine.Raheem deVaughn has been finally nominated for a Grammy for his song "Woman" on his new album Love Behind The Melody. So congrats to this very talented and very sexy artist. Raheem is signed to Jive Records and I must say they made a good decision when they decided to bring him onto their team.Now after you go and grab this tasty musical treat. Please check out my personally favorite song" Butterflies".

That's my shit yo!!!!

Then there's Mo Better, and even with the grammatical errors in the name it still makes me blush a little, just to sit and imagine those lips speaking in your ear about a commitment so fantastical you could cum right there.
Hell Yeah!!!

Well I must step away from Raheem's nuts and get off of them, but the CD is still awesome. So go cop it.To Raheem see You at the Grammy's you deserve it. Revolution SmOOth !!!?!!!!
Bionic Puzzi

My Album Love List

Butterflies <----- Love that guitar

MoBetter <------ I feel superior after this song

Try Again <------------ Makes me wonder about past relationships,Like them it's still awesome!!!

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