Damn the Grammy'z always during Black Month???

I am casting my Grammy Votes.Here in this voting week it's only appropriate. They are this weekend.I do hope I can take time out of my novelty fashion focus to go down we will see won't we.But, I mean damn they have 110 Categories, more of a chance for more people to win and partyMaybe I will just cast my most fun and most important votes. But in the mean time I feel like time has flown by. Man It's been a seriously crazy year since the last Grammy Award Show for me anyways.Here go my votes I wonder how many I'll actually peg, maybe everything I touched will turn to gold.REvolution Smooth!!!?!!!!

Album of the Year- This was my shit. I think Kanye was everybody's shit!!!!

I think Nelly Deserves Female Pop Performer

John Mayer deserves Best Male Pop Vocal Artist

Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals
i just happen to love Adam Levine's Gangsta and support all things Adam

I say Go Queen

Tool-The Pot
That's My shit

Of Course I want Alicia to take whatever she wants, she can snatch someone else's awards for all i care

O shit so I am goin' for my boy Raheem right and then Prince came up to me on Halloween in a corner and may have swayed my vote, but I was bumpin musiq all the while, I guess I'll pick Raheem that's what my heart says fa sho.
I love Butterflies- even though that has nothing to do with the Grammy's

As far as Alternative and urban being one category that's f-d up to me they have 110 what is one more so i pick two


o damn I loved Teach Me that was my anthem since i heard that shit, but y'all know i love Alicia, what is a girl to decide. Nothing ha!!!!

I can't vote on rap either matter of fact it's just nice to me that hip hop is getting their recognition however watered down it may be.I am mostly excited for the parties as I said before. Has anyone wondered why all the Rap Nominees are a little off. Is no one worried about these guys given into their crazy one day. Ha Ha it's cool, but 50 looks constipated on his album cover ha ha ha.j/k kinda.

Before I go I am proud to announce an awesome nominee fav of mine

Best Musical Album For Children

Revolution Smooth does Black History month real Big!!!!?!!!!

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