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Since 2006, the year of her debut, it seems like an extreme and fascinating spiral for Lily Allen, smart -mouthed pop queen from the UK. Through heartbreak, miscarriages, drug over dosage ,being stalked by Paparazzi, and just being a drunk. I could not imagine doing anything with my time except for moping and wondering “why me?”. Guess that focus and drive is why she’s the seller of 2.5 million plus albums, well that and she’s got a lot of fans. Now her new album It’s Not Me , It’s You, is yet again full of catchy, sassy, smart-ass lyrics about the 20 something musings of a lady brain. With songs like “ The Fear” a song about our celebrity obsessed culture and “Fuck You” a song for the ex-pres. I really dig it, although not particularly as much as her preceding album Alright, Still. But I guess if Lily can get her shit together and mature a bit I can jump on the lets get older bandwagon for a sec and let the album take me on a mental maturity ride without all the stuffy suits.

Check her OUt!!!!

Bionic Puzzi

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