A message... I really want a boat...


If your life is as crazy as mine is, I suggest you take a moment to have a deep breathe and enjoy a nice cup of tea. Maybe take the time out to plan a thing or two, but as soon as enough energy arises I am sure you [and I] will be right back out there slaying the wild roller coaster life has given us without any type of safety contraption. When dreams come true and old habits die the universe shakes and wakes us up to remind us to coexist with ourselves and only pass the message along to others to do the same. Because only when you stay in touch with yourself do you relax enough to look around and watch your dreams flourish around you. What if you don’t have any dreams? Get some. What if you can’t settle on a dream? Go for them all and only continue on the journeys that feel right. As for now I think I am going to board a boat and hang on a lake because even the ocean has too much drama for me right now.

I would do this tho...

this should be the party boat ... here

check out anti matter- Seeing SOunds- N*E*R*D it's music

Bionic Puzzi

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