Im indecisive sometimes ,but I'm a die hard Lakers fan tho!!!!

ooooo how fun gonna go see Bucho tomorrow evening in Sacramento at Caesar Chavez Park. I l
ove concerts that are outside makes me wanna go a bit crazy and howl at the moon. Well not really. That's pretty ridiculous. I have noticed lately that I am a bit of an indecisive person. I don't understand why and i wonder if it's just me? I mean of course I have preferences but i rarely have any specific suggestions about things like food and or what i want to drink. But then I constantly have people making comments like " Wow , you're so picky." or " You are kinda high maintanance." O well fuckem! i'll do me and i decided if I effen have better things to worry about like heartbreak, the lakers and blog stuff I shouldnt have to decide on what to eat or where to go for fun. Especially if I am hanging out with someone I know and that generally knows what I want and don't want. And I decided you can't call people high maintenance if they are constantly being asked to give their opinion on things and sometimes they just decide to give before they are asked so it might seem a bit like opinion overload, but it's not.Go Lakers!!!!
So if any kind heart wants to take me to a lakers game i volunteer myself as your escort : )

Bionic Puzzi

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