Has Anyone Seen my Laptop???

this was the last time my stuff was photographed all together
O man what a week. Last Thursday my room in Nor Cal was broken into. What did they take you ask. Well for starters they stole my laptop my beautiful brand new Sony vaio i got back earlier this year. They also took the rest of my blogging equipment printer scanner, i pod, camera, speakers, and he used my ladybug suitcase to transport it all!!! This incident has definitely slowed down my creativity skills a bit. It's such a bummer and I am still staying positive and hoping I get it back or some type of compensation for it [like the robbers fingers perhaps.]. At least I don't have to feel quite so alone. Eminem was robbed this week also. read hereThat only gives me a bit of relief because of ow much i love Em. I feel your pain bro. The difference between me and him is he's urinating money right now sitting at #1 on the charts. Damn it. Well if anyone sees or hears any information about my laptop floating somewhere around Sacramento as we speak, email me asap. I want my shit back or else i might go massacre style on some fools. i doubt it tho.


Bionic Puzzi

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