My Summer tripped in Lake Tahoe

For some reason I have been thinking a lot about elementary school. All of the fun games and dumb lessons taught . I completely understand the path they were trying to lead us down. Go to school... and then go to more school... so you can get a job to pay off your school loans. But, recently I was thinking of the end of the summer when you had to write about your summer or tell a story or draw a picture or something. i always loved those assignments in honor of middle school I give you my summer trip to Lake Tahoe...
Summary: I went to Lake Tahoe to a casino. I was with the band Bayonics haha... only a small upgrade from one time at band camp... I won a total of 10 dollars i gambled a total of 16 plus the 10 i won. on the other hand my comrade won like 50 and gambled it all away, not so bad as I recall my previous casino experience in Northern California where I proceeded to empty my bank account and go home with no winnings... i drank a bit... toke a hit or two ... danced a bit...laughed a lot... and i wish i knew what the other pictures taken by other drunk people turned out like...
loved the clouds on the drive... i have a thing for clouds.
haha free latin funk mmmm appealing
took up all this space
getting ready for the show...
the outfit for hardcore partying
the return to Cali
the music was fly... i think i reallky flew.
thanks AC
Bionic Puzzi

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