Who iz Bionic Puzzi???

I have gotten a lot of ridiculous questions over the couple of years I have adopted the ego Bionic Puzzi(pronounced Pu-zee)like "Are you a porn star?" and "well can i try that out?", mostly from the mislead and the perverted...but being rather witty i always have an appropriate comeback for those moments. So what the hell is a Bionic Puzzi? It started out as an idea for a network for really beautiful women in the los angeles party and promtions scene mostly djs, club promoters, model and industry types and the such and sort of grew from there. after about two years of keeping up with the name and the brand of Bionic Puzzi and really trying to find myself and more parties and concerts to photograph and write about for the blog i was finally forced by my current marketing consultant to sit down and write about what this brand really stands for and really means and why people should want to be a part of it's growth. Deep right? he read my result and sent me an email saying: there you go. Your Mission Statement.

This all started out as a business venture so that I could become a dj and bring together the high profile music types i worked with and all the beautiful and driven party girls i knew and it has been a great fun success and good ass time since the beginning. So now that we have the parties I figured we needed purpose and I wanted to bring together my writing experience with my party experience to begin to define myself and that made me look to different women and people i looked up to and admire and truly dislike and dont agree with for business and life tips to live by.the image of the bionic puzzi character since the beginning has always been that of a woman who we all want to be. a real life superhero: someone with a strong sense of self and always talked about and the life of the party wherever she goes, not simply because of her looks but also because of the fact she has so much to offer...bionic puzzi possess a comfort in her body and sensuality that drives those who don't have the same super power mad with envy and she does what she wants with it whether it be to conserve their physical appearances or expose themselves to the masses and she does this in the most infatuating way...she also possesses the drive and the character to follow her dreams and make the best positive change in the world she can.

As a company Bionic Puzzi always donates time and money to a number of different charities all of the time and we love to highlight the women and men who are also changing their own worlds for the better and give them VIP treatemnt at our events and a spotlight on our blog so if there is a person or charity you want to nominate as having all of the qualities or a really sexy woman who is in possession of the BP qualities feel free to email us links and pics tell us a bit about them or yourself.have an event to invite us to or want to invite our readers to send us the link and e flyer and we will post it if we get the chance to attend or want to attend and cant make it. any questions or comment about the site or our contributors email us for all of these things at

Bionic Puzzi the artist and writer has no boundaries and an open mind and a severe addiction to pop culture entertainment and the power women everywhere possess and fail to exhibit and even more obsessed with those who do choose to flaunt their grand worth.

as we all suspect:

Well behaved women rarely make history.

Bionic Puzzi

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