Whoa I know Georgia Anne Muldrow

Funny story one of my best friends @ Anthony Coleman 2nd has been obsessed with Georgia Anne Muldrow for quite awhile now. I mean obsessed like he always talks about how much he loves her and her hair and all the little technical musical talent she has that is constantly getting her fans like my dearest all worked up in a frenzy...anyways i was forced to experience the force that is Georgia and at first listen i was a little thrown off as i am with most things forced upon me, but then i had time to fall in love...i was smitten with her sound and now running around as a new unofficial recruit of the i heart Georgia movement...months into my love for this new musician i am addicted to, it dawned on me i had no idea what this amazing artist looked like. i had been so enthralled with the sound i hadn't even had an appetite to know the physical form of this being. so like any other wondering mind i set to google and typed in her much suspense built up in half a minute as to what this voice looked like...

I laughed very loudly and proceeded to contact my best friend and Georgia with the funny coincidence she used to babysit me and our families have actually known each other since before i even had boobs crazy what time does and amazing to be able to witness an amazing evolution like Georgia's and now today i am anticipating her new album set to be released Nov 10!! For now I am in love with the video for her first single Run Away and hope you are too. i have been listening to so much Georgia for the summer I had changed my hairstyle to an afro and tried to dye it red, there was no luck my hair is far to dark and too thick so i had to make a decision do i want afro ir red hair. being the stylista i am the red hair won. check out the sounds of georgia anne muldrow and her stats to she's got quite the resume.

i wish i could have made this show.

Bionic Puzzi

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