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Im in a senseless situation. I know i shouldnt do it but i do... i just know i wont get screwed again... and i wont and i havent been its nice to have good people in your circle, but sometime our friends just need a little kick in the ass to get their shit together because i have bills to pay too man... these clips always ease the tension for me when folks owe me money... so today is the day right????

i never really understand why things happen... i just came to the conclusion ill never understand why and i just need
to sit and watch them unfold appropriately. But why cant other people catch on to this simple concept? is it so that when
we finally do understand this we have to constantly use it as a shield against crazy folks with no goals who are just frustrated for
the sake of being a pain in the ass to people who are actually doing something with themselves. its like a special code you can type in on
the wii to make it a little easier to achive other levels. SMH thats all i can really do at this point. just smh. and how hard is it to be
honorable and keep your word... i hate being taken advangtage of or when someone is dishonest and especially when someone tells me to come along
for the ride and ditches me. so i just really want to figure out a way to pre warn people about fucking with me maybe a tshirt or something.
because once u get on my bad side there is no going back. that bridge will not only be burnt but reconstructed just so the moment
you step into the middle of it it will disappear and you will be dropped thousands of feet to your death.i really am not of fan of those types of
thoughts so i figured id put them here on my blog and so when i meet people i will just hand them my business card and it will say dont fuck me! across the
top... lol i can only imagine the faces i would get... because i already have quite a mental collection of the faces i get when i hand people my sticker...good times.
well im done venting it was just a quick though with too many characters to post on twitter. and now im back to thing i will say about all this life craziness is it will definitely make good inspiration for when i decide to write a psycho thriller and you can upcode it... and it doesnt matter the situation or relationship you can always learn something from it dont listen to arrogant ignorance.KNowledge is Power and even the man who knows everything is always learning something new. Keep your minds open.

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