Snoop Dogg I Wanna Rock Video

...Can You Find Me???

Life is always a fucking surreal whirlwind for me. I have pretty damn good luck and funny timing even though i can be a bit clumsy at times. I am always doing busy work and funny how sometimes my busy work lands me in music videos where i reconnect with some old party friends who just so happen to be the shit and on top in their specialties and still constantly rising. Knowing my real friends and basking in our own successes is the best remedy for hatorade. well i love snooooooop dooooogggg and i was one of those really cool filler people for the i wanna rock video which was produced by one of the coolest homies i know @ScoopDeville... but let me tell you about this crazy production.

Yes the dancers were really dope. They did their thing although on one of the takes one of the little youngin dancin boys fell on his head doing one of those crazy flips the kids like to do in their dances now days...but all was okay and the smallest female dancer had a rockin body. i mean so awesome it made me go home and do a couple hours of working out.

No I didn't even eat dinner it just wasn't worth it to me. i was rather irritated by then. I am always really irritated at the way people get treated on music videos it doesn't make sense to me. I thought I was going to have to shank someone.They took my purse to "store" it and I am extremely ocd about my stuff being stolen so i threw a huge diva hissy fit about it and ended up smoking a blunt instead of beating down some PA with a power complex... and i always think its funny how many wannabe whatevers wander the music video circuit. How can you tell a wannabe from someone who is just cool period. The wannabes are the ones trying lol. It's true tho. *blank stare*

I have barely had time to update my blog with all of the work I have been doing to plan the ultimate magazine launch plan and helping as many friends as I can in the season of giving. I am going to be introducing a lot of other things to all of my blogs within the next month. I am so excited about life right now as stressful and realistic as it may be. Of course we all rather live in a fantastical wonderland.More to come about all of my adventures.

Bionic Puzzi

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