Random Tuesday in Wonderland


... Random Tuesday is what we dubbed this past Tuesday. Why you ask? Well I will tell you. It all started with a rather fun business meeting it was random but the results were very promising. I then proceeded to go into a *haze* of imaginative thought and had to drag myself off of the couch to go to the Malice in Wonderland Album Release Party (because when Snoop invites you to a party you go).The getting up and putting on makeup and sexy shoes was turning out to be quite the problem and i felt so unimpressed with the end result i decided I didnt even want to take any pictures that night.sluggish was my existence. i believe it was definitely due to the weather, the fact it gets dark so early, and the 4 blunts before hand.

The homegirl A came to swoop me for this adventure we were getting ready to partake on. it was cold very cold. First on wrong instructions we drove to Universal City Walk, the party was not there and the lesson in that action was to not listen to people who are pretending to know what they are talking about. From the City Walk we proceeded to head to VanGuard Hollywood. We get there we see my besties who are actually pretty thugged out for the word besties.That moment began all the love. we cut in line which is breaking a rule from way back in elementary school, being the rebel I am I dont give a phuck! It was still cold outside we decided against the red carpet hubbub and proceeded to the entrance which was a mess of a mess where everyone seemed confused as with every check in table at a hip hop event.Then the first random act of the night! A light skinned guy with a white utah jazz cap on came up behind me with an embrace and a kiss on the neck. As suprised as I was i liked it... still unsure of who the cutie pie was but he did look familiar maybe we had we met before??? (UPDATE: no we had not met and i found out this mystery guy was joe budden, ironic because we were just in the same studio a few days before the cosmos like to play funny jokes)

We moved to the inside and watched the place fill up like a bucket under a running faucet. Before we knew it the place was packed and it felt like being in the land of Ganja... so West Coast! The concert started and we watched as Snoop brought up all his cool friends including Pharell, Travis Barker, Nate Dogg, The Game, warren G,i mean there were so many motha fuckas on stage it over flowed to behind the stage where a drunk guy tried to start a fight that was snuffed out within a literal minute. It was an amazing show.There were celebrities, hoes brought in from Vegas, groupies, wannabes, workerbees and of course a bucket load of the coolest people because great people keep great company. I saw a bunch of my favorite buddies and was reconnected with others I had not seen in a while ...that wasn't the end. we were high off of "life" as we left the party when i saw the most beautiful girl i know standing outside the concert handing out fliers *side eye* as i was standing there talking to her a very nice very random man comes up and decides i need a jacket, because yes you guessed it is cold outside. We follow him down the street and to his car where he has a bag of brand new jackets and very graciously gave me one. His reasons were I am awesome and remind him of his ex girlfriend and he had them as Christmas gifts anyway. So now by this point I am floating on my way to the car just way to excited about anything and everything. I still haven't come off of the high. I am now going to go get dressed for yet another West Coast celebratory function. Support the West go cop Malice In Wonderland!

Bionic Puzzi

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