Inspiration is something i had to go seek. i was bored and uninspired therefore completely unaware of how much fun i was having. i have a lot of fun. I just had to learn how to write about it in a way that sounded fun and appropriate. im on a journey to create color images in the imaginations of many. it's far more entertaining in my book than being a television super actor. I can just say Aspiring actors are an interesting bunch of folks. I mean Hollywood is nuts all by itself and then you aadd drugs and plastic surgery. It makes for quite the freak show. People should probably be a little less judgemental of weirdos i mean you noticed them right? isnt that what all these "actors" and entertainers are running around and doing???? trying to get noticed.they say pay attention to me im important! in reality most people aren't that direly important. it's important to be important and relevant to yourself before you start asking others for it. o and people need to be honest it causes for a lot less back up.

i am inspired... therefore i can proceed with creating.

Bionic Puzzi

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