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remember grammy night...

the facts are these:

the beginning iz...its very interesting when my life has its everyday glamourous moments. i owe these particular credits to my loves that are Ti$A, i think i feel a little cool i mean ego isnt everything but i live in la therefore image is everything. haha i live here cause i like to dress up loved le mirror$ i mean the whole night and morning. it was fun being quiet and just listening. i was reading dont sweat the small stuff at the time and i was also lifted. yes levitating. the shoes... the hat... the legendary... apparently there were no niggas but then there definitely aren't really any in la---- its not an insult. apparently... i loved it, it was natural... i made a relationhip with a mirror i dont think it was ironic someone must of picked up on the energy of that love of me and that mirror. i would consider being able to rock the fuck out of a mirror as art. i mean especially when im the artist. haha i mean i did get in i was actually (cough cough) escorted in. i was in a dream state but isnt that what grammy night is for...

... i mean that and smoookin and piiiiiimpin haha chateau marmont it was an honor to not be allowed to lean on your windows- kelis yes kelis was there and yes she had silver hair, meeting her explained a lot the silver hair was not one of them... i guess gorgeous women can do what the fuck they want... and major is always the bestest date ever cause i mean only fly can hang with fly and royalty is what it is no matter where it is. i mean really now... and taz is a super star so you know i mean what do u say to a super star when ur stoned (it would have been rude to ask for a preview of the album and some rings but i thought about it.)i mean i just realized how much i enjoy the slect company i keep. im grateful for that feeling. but i understand it didnt come from sitting on my ass...

my ego says to tell you that yes that is me in that fabulous hat with that fabulous silhouette, and yes i am in the same shot as keli laughing (it is an awkward shot lol, the party was crowded as hell it was wall to wall fashion statements the crowd is edited down not filled in,god im fuckin geeked this video is so damn cool haha. that night was the shit. i repeat... thanks again.

check it here

and my birthday is coming up i am very deserving of gucci shoes from the spring runway, an mcm bag and some rings that say hood and love i mean come on guys...haha good times.

Keep Stylin

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