Sometimes it's a bit hard to get people to understand you. It's not always as easy as asking and recieving. Well at least that's the way sometimes it may seem. I find myself in the most irritated mood when people aren't understanding me. when I am complaining it's the worst...the solution

... Stop complaining it takes up far too much energy too complain you are supposed to be focusing that energy not on complaining or covering up the problem with substitutions but realizing you have it all. this is my first superhero lesson I have learned as a lady in training to spot things that are not right. not to complain about them, that's too lazy and yes ladies in waiting are quite lazy. i suppose that's what makes real women Bionic. Be Bionic. Be the Solution. Take Positive initiative towards messages of love and you will find not only will you not have anything to complain about, you will find it very easy to help someone else who loves to complain as you have probably been complaining about the same things.

Give Back Love

Don't just file a Complaint. Be Bionic. Start a Revolution.

Bionic Puzzi
@BionicPuzzi on Twitter

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