Hydrate and Moisturize Naturally

Fall time is always something that should be prepped for generally, but being from Southern California I am always a little lost in holiday plans as the weather is not always in alignment with American winter tradition. The hullabaloo for the craft shows, parties, and birthdays and internet marketing commitments always seem to be boosted around the holidays as well. Causing me to go through a crazy anxiety period and my immune system also drops from all of the chaotic zen i experience. Making my fall essentials a bit more beneficial than just having the perfect leather sweatshirt or red Burberry coat of the season.(Here come the lists...)

My fall essentials that can be used across the board for all skin types and sexes include:

Black Seed Oil - a known cure all and antihistamine  that has been used in eastern medicine for ages before I existed. I take a tablespoon in the morning and at night to keep my immune system boosted and use it in my tea at the first sign of illness. It even helped when I applied it topically for tooth pain!!!

Cooconut Oil-  In 2009 I stopped using butter at home when i cooked, I replaced it with Coconut Oil, and I kid you not majority of the fat on my body literally disappeared. I also started using it on my skin along side olive oil and was able to capture and sustain  my natural moisture better. I am obviously hooked and have been for quite sometime, but recently a dear friend of mine topped off my Coconut Oil Cake with a little tip to use this lovely product as lubricant. Yes it also works great as a lube fo the lucky souls getting any it can come in handy during the fall and winter cuddling seasons.

Black Soap- This soap is great for all types of skin. It has helped to eliminate acne and skin discoloration for a lot of my friends and for me I have very oily skin that generally dries out during the chilly fall and winter months it keeps the area from around my mouth from looking like I ate a powdered donut. It has also been very helpful in keeping my young son's eczema under control as well.

Wine- Uh duh! I have to have a drink at the drop of a hat during the fall and winter season. But, I am not a big fan of extra excercise and all the sugar that is in hard liquors. Wine is good for the heart and will warm you up after a few good sips of the right one. This Fall launched it's Wineaux Gathering Wine Club and Private Tasting & Networking events in Los Angeles and San Francisco. So wine is not only something great to keep to yourself and boost your own antioxidants, but it makes for the perfect gift to give too.

Alkaline Water is the most important Fall Essential in my life. It is actually my year round essential. i learned from my mother who was a master of sciences that if your body is Alkaline then that means no viruses or diseases can develop or survive. When I started to drink only alkaline water in 2009 my body detoxed itself  for about a week, my skin cleared up, I had a noticeable amount of more energy and I lost about 10lbs with no excercise. I have been a loyal drinker from what I call the fountain of youth aka my water ionizer machine ever since.

Wishing you and yours healthy and natural living this Fall and Winter Season!

Bionic Puzzi
@BionicPuzziLoves on Instagram 

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