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There are some people whose reputations precede their presence. Then there are those beings who when you meet them you feel royal just being in their presence...

 It's just clicked for me, I have no idea how to write about my beautiful soulships with my dearest friends without every post sounding like a love song. To be honest my life feels like the most beautiful love song ever written being looped and remixed in so many ways lately. I suppose it has always been this way I am just in a better place to be able to witness it and enjoy it for what it is. 

The Facts are These:

On October 12, 2013 there was a book signing at the decadent residence of my mentor and dearest friend,  record producer, arranger, songwriter , muse, inspiration to many, genius and now author Mark Batson. The Star studded event was attended by many industry greats, well known and unknown artists, and superheroes of course. The event was a streaming consciousness of Art, Love and Support for the signing and Release of  LOADED: A Story About  A Ghost an intensely whimsical graphic novel written by the Great Mark Batson. There was a phenomenal live performance by Author Mark Batson including classical strings the earth shattering silky vocals of a beautiful goddess like essence. Spine Tingling beautiful music floated all the way through the house and out by the pool upstairs where Batson later was signing books and mingling with his adoringly supportive and socially influential fans and friends. 

Then there was the afterparty. That which I would describe as something like time travel on a Rainbow Path. The entire night was heavenly and the entire Bionic Puzzi team there representin looked fuckin fierce. I know, I know you are feeling just a bit of some good healthy envy, but no worries dears life is but a dream. Yours and Mine alike.

feel free to comment below on how fabulous my outfit was

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