Hue Perfection

Being a colorful woman of a chocolate hue in present times. I am an advocate of diversity and erasing segregating lines among our communities and society. Over the years I have observed the fastest and most efficient ways of diminishing these lines is through Love and Art. Lucky for those of us who will see 2014 and get to ride it's waves,  there looks to be a whole lot of lines blurred and hopefully erased by taste makers and icons in our societies relaying their relevant messages in artful ways to our consciousness. I know I am doing my part and I also know the luxury brand and fashion house known as Givenchy has been doing their part as well.

The past 3 seasons under the head of Ricardo Tisci,  Givenchy has served up a fierce diverse cast in the Runway presentations as well as in the ad campaigns for the fashion house. For me the Spring Summer 2014 ad campaigns  take the cake.

Queen Erykah how I love ye and  worship your confidence, knowledge, and fearlessness. I have always dreamt of being a personal stylist for Ms Badu, she is a main inspiration to why I began pursuing the visual arts as a career and seeing her in this ad campaign absolutely has reignited that dream. There have been so many great tribal prints and artistic images on the runways as of late it really made me wonder what people were going through to produce such an array of garments that would have been considered a daring fashion feat to wear back in the 1990's when Ms. Badu was rockin the fck out of her turbans and gorgeous tribal jewelry. Then it clicked we are all still rocking out to Baduism. Thank you Givenchy for the wardrobe to my life soundtrack by Erykah Badu.


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