BE Fearless

The Facts Are These:

Fear and being comfortable are some of the worst addictions we deal with as young adults today, along with anxiety and stress.
 Looking back on my last couple of years I realized I was paralyzed not by having a child and being a new mom as a lot of people thought, but I was more paralyzed by not knowing what was going to happen to me next. I was fearful of not having enough,love, money,  support, opportunity, etc.Before losing my mom to breast cancer in 2011 I had never had these type of insecurities. I have always been what most would call over confident or extremely optimistic, I call it being secure within myself. I blamed my fear first on my loss, next I blamed it on being in a somewhat new city without my regular safety net to land on. Next up, was not having the right job or intimate relationship. It took me until the last few months of 2013 to realize all I was doing to myself was procrastinating and making excuses as to why I had taken such a long break from being my normal driven creative self. I had made myself a nice comfy seat in the followers column of society and it was not working for me. I was struggling to figure out what I wanted in life, not because I didn’t know but because at some point in my search for inspiration I had fallen into a hole I believe quite a few millennials do. I was trying to satisfy what others outside of myself thought my journey should be. What I needed was the exact reminder I got. Of course this spark of inspiration did not come until I was in what felt like my lowest point of this journey. I had gotten so fed up with my life not working itself out the way I knew it would and I took a huge leap to make a change. I made the decision to go after my highest good. That is where the real work began. I began to shed the negative energies and Bullshit that had accumulated not only in my personal relationships, but also in my own mind. It was like I had stored just a little bit of all the negativity over that 2 years  in my consciousness. Please do not imagine how draining that must have been. Instead hear my struggle and take a different path. It was surreal almost like magic how much easier my life got after I let all of the crap go. I began to look at myself in a new light, and that attracted the love I had been feeling void of while I was in my funk. So if you are in your own funk or living a mundane life be fearless and inspired in 2014.Start with these easy to begin steps :

Decide who or what inspires you

Eiminate the bullshit by forgiving yourself and your past.(then let that shit go!)

Surround yourself with the positive support and Love you need to reach your goal of success. Remember all real love begins with self love

Be fearless,  Go for what you know you want! Chances are you will find success in your goal to be better than you could have ever planned or  imagined

Be grateful

Although these steps look nice and easy in print they aren’t,but if you work a little everyday you too can be free to be fearless and show it off!

Disclaimer: For all the beautiful young women who read my blog first of all thanks for the support! Second, I am in my birthday suit in my Bionic Puzzi ads not because I am supporting the ratchet behavior I see all over social media and on reality tv, but because I had to overcome being comfortable with my body after my baby. Although my confidence is much higher than it was a couple months ago still I even thickened up for the photoshoot to fit in with what society thinks is sexy for black women right now. It shows I am beautifully versatile and still a work in progress

Wishing All of my Readers and Supporters A Happy New Year!!! Let's Connect More this year you know you want to...


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  1. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Love you!!!

  2. Anonymous11:41 PM

    WOW...that was really nice...your heart and soul went into work it...there nothing you can't do...give you and yours 200%... you want have time for others...follow Jesus and's already in your've been promised the desires of your heart...Love you