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Friday, July 17th, 2015, at The Alex Theater in Glendale, CA (it was fabulous as all things named Alex generally are) we were on a mission to laugh at an industry exclusive event
put on by Silver Lining Entertainment , The Comedy Underground” Series Vol. 3 & 4 LIVE Hosted by Flex Alexander  and I can’t wait to see more to come from this series!  We were greeted by the beautiful sounds of Phillip King  and his harp and on the red carpet we got to chat it up with the shows creators , The host Flex Alexander and his beautiful grammy nominated wife Shanice who not only have their successful show on Saturday Nights on OWN but Shanice is also set to come out with a new album with her single hitting the streets next month. We also talked to some swanky actors like Jay Hunter and the who’s who of the comedy world including  Shondrella Avery, Michael Collier and all of the comedians who got up on stage and had our sides splitting and tears running down our faces  Chastity Washington, Jay Lamont, Alex Thomas, Red Grant, Kevin “Damn Fool” Simpson, Capone ,and Brooklyn  and a hilarious set by Flex Alexander. We danced to jams by MC Lyte who not only killed those turntables she didn’t look a day over 30 while she was doing it.It was inspirational to see and hear the advice people had for the youth coming into their own and how they have reached this point in their success and to see what everyone was wearing for their night out . The whole night was like a well put together family reunion with sounds at the after party by DJ and good ol' fashion southern eats from catering .  Flex and Shanice went from everything to nothing and now they are back on top with their show Flex & Shanice on OWN Saturdays at 10/9c. I can’t wait to see what these two and everyone else we enjoyed the night get into the next couple of months.


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