Frustration is described by Ernest Holmes as a loss of ambition to make another attempt.
 Have you ever been in this place before?
 How did you come out of it or have you?
 How do we rise above these constant feelings of frustration with the world and our surroundings?
 The answer is Love
, Self Love.

Ernest Holmes also says "You have already inherited the power to live, but you have not adjusted yourself to it"
 Beyonce calls it getting in Formation . 
 Oprah calls it an AHA moment. 
 Shonda Rhimes refers to finding her inner power as saying “Yes”. 
Mary J Blige calls it No More Struggle
I'm calling it making it through the frustration, because when the struggle is real and we know it can get real , believing that we will get through it seems to be a big part of the battle.

 I never wanted my blog to be a bitchy rant type thing, but I have a lot to be frustrated about, fearful of,etc. I always get a lot of lip for expressing my frustrated feelings publicly. I hear about from friends, families, strangers wandering the internet who fear for my safety because I share my feelings. Or perhaps I was labeled he happy news giver at some point in my life and just was not notified. But, this label is not true I do bring the happy but I have frustrations as well and I am going to express them. If not in real life then I will do it here. It's not always easy opening yourself up, hence my lack of posting on my blogs this past few years, but this frustrated column on this blog is necessary for balance, in my life but also to whoever reading my solutions for frustrations might help a very valuable young woman on her journey as well... The facts are these: 

I am a black woman( if you didn’t already know).Women not just black women but most women of color have been viewed as objects, possessions, and unhuman for too long. We’ve been beaten down and taught to live in fear far less than any male slave for centuries. We have been raped, beaten, harassed, assaulted and thrown away mentally and physically for too long. All the while still resilient, nurturing,courageous, creating life and able to not only heal others but have the strength to heal ourselves as well. If we don’t heal ourselves from within we will end up in silent frustrations constantly defending our successes, accomplishments, mistakes, struggles, choices, opinions, intuition, and ideas against everyone instead of just the ones who are challenging us. The men in our lives call us over emotional, nagging, Queen, but only when we “aren't being annoying” which normally is when we are being a reflection of our partners at that time (i.e. Them being frustrated with cheating, verbal abuse, stress, or a simple lack of love and attention and can’t quite communicate this yet). We are taught to be victims. And the ones who teach us to trust ourselves and our own powers are often drowned out in scrutiny of society's set ways and again we become frustrated instead of empowered . Even the places, people and services we patron can’t be trusted. We are taught by those souls who were born before us to trust no one,as you will experience pain.Then we are not taught who to trust.So we end up feeling lost , looking for someone- anyone to fill the void of fear and mistrust. Nothing and no one external can fill this space Not your husband, not your doctor, not your best friend, but we must learn to trust ourselves, our Knowing, our power to Love and our power to be truly loved. Once we learn this we become above all things around us and we can’t go back, causing the women we left behind on our freedom journey to “throw shade” and become vulnerable to the snakes that surround her that you may have just escaped from. In these times we have to keep living as an example of finding our own light and working it. Right?

 To Be Continued...


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